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  1. There is no difference between any of those IPs
  2. The account? Probably not. Anything specific you lost on the account I can look for.
  3. Beeing looked into here
  4. Its not port 704 :D
  5. An ex staff deleted some of our shit, had to restore from 27/2/17, was supposed to make an announcement but never got around to it. Just like reupload stuff :)
  6. Honestly why? I host the servers that run HSG but because i'm under 17 I can't be a member of the PD lmao
  7. DDoS attack lmao. Time to turn up the mitigation
  8. Server was broken (Lmao). Fixed now
  9. corruption

    Just because you have a 5 dollar VPS that runs a teamspeak, website and 50 game servers that you jump between each month does not mean you understand the complexity of running the systems that HSG requires to stay online whilst under the threat of DDOS attacks, heavy traffic load and constant player basis in excess of 40 players. I do sympathise with you, believe me I do. I don't agree that you are going about it the right way, and I don't think blaming the fact that we had to open the server to the public is a good idea. What ranking member won't listen to you? Give us names. I don't want to hear hypotheticals I want to hear names and solid evidence that you went to them, asked for something that they should have dealt with and were turned down. Also using CAPITAL LETTERS does not make your point any clearer, broader, better or even relevant. You can't be a good roleplayer because there are other people in the server who aren't good at roleplaying? Thats a joke right? You won't donate to a server that doesn't keep members first priority? What does it mean to be a member anymore? That's something that you have to take up with management. I wrote a script to whitelist a server and even donated a 3rd box to the community to host a dedicated closed members only server but I was shot down and the server was closed. This is probably the best point that you have made or can make right now. Keep making it, but not by shouting in capital letters. Speak to BxBugs and Romaine. I cant help you here. Again about you keep getting put down? Prove it. Show me evidence, show US evidence. I care about the people every day, i've made that clear but its not up to me but at the same time let me break this down for you: We have a script, that was hand crafted and written for the community. A teamspeak, 512 slots, for members to talk in. A dedicated staff team that works almost around the clock to keep order. Two public servers that are almost full around the clock. A website with 2,628 members hosted around the clock for discussions and downloads. How much do we charge for all of this? To you: Free! Oh and I didn't "Try to call you out". I did call you out, and now the fact that you are not happy you are typing in CAPITAL LETTERS. And I didn't call your post "Stupid". I called the thing you put at the top of all your posts stupid. I see all situations from both a player and admin perspective. I don't have to step in your shoes, and the defeatist attitude that you display is nothing but a joke. You "cant do anything in this server except put up with corruption". In Fact you can. Do something about it.
  10. corruption

    Do you pay for the server every month? Do you front the massive costs that it takes to run a teamspeak, a website and two servers all for the sake of the community? I wouldn't even mind but you are not a donator. The funny thing is, the roleplay is only as good as *YOU* the player makes it. If you are not happy about the roleplays happening then roleplay some yourself. Lead by example. Their loss. We are the most popular server on fiveReborn. If they don't want to play with us anymore I think you will find that our two maxed out servers couldnt take them most of the time anyway. I think its important you clarify on this point. Post proof. You cant just make claims like that without actually backing it up. Pretty pathetic to make the same point twice just to make your statement seem more important. Have you made a report of this incident? If so please link it here so I can hear the other sides of the story. On another note. The "Viewer discretion" Not only is that stupid and irrelevant but anyone who sees this topic is not a viewer, rather a reader. Regardless, I have nothing against you personally. These points just needed to be made in rebuttal to your frankly repetitive and frankly dumb topic. If you want to help make the server better stop bitching and get involved.Just so you know who to take your frustration up with: Community Issues: Romaine - [email protected] BXBugs - [email protected] Website issues: [email protected] Server / Network issues: [email protected]
  11. complaint

    To be honest Justin i'd be more worried if you donated to the sever. You know that running a server is costly right?
  12. Just firewall his IP and let him do what he wants to do to make videos, fun and content. Not for us to judge.
  13. Fixed