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  1. There is no difference between any of those IPs
  2. DDoS attack lmao. Time to turn up the mitigation
  3. This was posted over 10 days ago, is any Admin going to deal with it? Apologies Officer Buffalo.
  4. Server was broken (Lmao). Fixed now
  5. complaint

    To be honest Justin i'd be more worried if you donated to the sever. You know that running a server is costly right?
  6. Just firewall his IP and let him do what he wants to do to make videos, fun and content. Not for us to judge.
  7. Fixed

    1. Ryan Leblanc

      Ryan Leblanc

      Awesome! Thank you :)


  10. /support
  11. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Reporting If you wish to report another player please use the topic below with the title in the format - "[Rule Broken] - Their name" Please bear in mind that valid evidence is required such as: Shadowplay (Video) Logs Images Server you was on when this happen An admin will review your appeal in due time, please only post in reports concerning you. ____________________________________________________________________________________
  12. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Unban Appeals If you have been banned unfairly please take a format from below and make a topic with the following formatted title: [PERMANENT] / [TEMP] (Admin name) "your player name here" Example: [PERMANENT] (Junkozane) RandomPlayer An admin will handle your ban appeal and reply with evidence, and a judgement on your unban appeal. ____________________________________________________________________________________ [PERMANENT] or [TEMP] (Admin name) "your player name here" Example: [PERMANENT] (Junkozane) RandomPlayer
  13. Sean!! Drag me in TS!!!