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    Took a trip up to Blaine with a friend for some Pizza and beer. @Vyrilis
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    Coming up with great ideas is easy. It's putting those ideas into action that is difficult. In order to turn your dreams about the next best service or product into a tangible, valuable reality, you need to take the right first steps.
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    "One can only be as happy as they decide to be." -Abraham Lincoln
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    Trooper Green has a soft spot for fine French wines...
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    I decided long ago never to walk in anyone's shadow; if I fail, or if I succeed at least I did as I believe. - Whitney Houston
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    "The greatest journey is the one within." -Rainer Maria Rilke
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    Being looked in to, thank you for the report.
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    NaturalVision Remastered was used
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    Hello there! I'm writing this post in hope that it will be a nice reference to those who would like to learn more about HighSpeed-Gaming or wish to refresh their knowledge on the server. If you spot anything here that is incorrect or think that something should be added, please notify me. The purpose of this thread is to be a page that you can hand to to beginners and seniors alike so they can refresh their knowledge on the basics, right from installing FiveM to learning how to conduct a correct Roleplay. This tutorial should cover everything that you need to know. If a topic is not covered, please tell me and I will add it in. Getting Started To connect to HighSpeed-Gaming, you require Grand Theft Auto V for PC via Steam or Rockstar Warehouse. (HighSpeed-Gaming requires Steam Ticket authentication.) Then, you need to install the client-modification called "FiveM" - this is the platform that HighSpeed-Gaming is based upon. To install FiveM, follow these instructions: Download FiveM (Here) Create a new Folder, and name it something such as "FiveM" Place the downloaded file, "FiveM.exe" into that folder. Run "FiveM.exe" and allow it to download/copy some files to ensure it is installed correctly. Once FiveM is installed, you should installer a "Trainer" (Also known as a mod-menu or "client") - FiveM has an offical Trainer called "Lambda Menu" - which can be downloaded here. To install Lamda Menu, follow these instructions: Download Lamda Menu (Here) In your FiveM Folder, there should be another folder called "FiveM Application Data" - open that up and create a new folder in there, titled: "plugins" Open up the downloaded file, (ZIP) and extract "LamdaMenu.asi" to the new "plugins" folder which you have just created. Open up the downloaded file, (ZIP) and extract "im-config.xml" to the "FiveM Application Data" folder found in the same folder as "FiveM.exe" Reboot FiveM (If not done so already) to apply changes. How to use Lambda Menu: Ensure that "Num Lock" is turned ON! Use F1 to Open Numpad 8 to go up Numpad 2 to go down Numpad 4 to go left Numpad 6 to right Numpad 5 to select Numpad 1 to Ragdoll (Do not hold it as it glitches for other clients, useful to RP tripping/falling however.) "B" to point Now that we have our FiveM all set up to the basic standard, you can now connect to HighSpeed-Gaming. We have 3 servers, only 2 are in 24/7 usage as Server 3 is an event server. To connect to the servers, you may find us on the server list by searching for "HighSpeed-Gaming" (I recommend favouriting the server to find it easier next time) or directly connecting to us by typing one of these IP-Addresses into the Direct-Connect tab: fivem-s1.highspeed-gaming.com (For Server 1) or fivem-s2.highspeed-gaming.com (For Server 2) Notice: There are "Authorization Levels" - this is your rank on the Server. You will start out with "CR" (Casual Restricted) - this limits you to the amount of weapons and vehicles you can use. At 50 hours, without any SMRE (Server Maintenance and Regulation Enforcement) infractions or warnings, you will be given "CU" (Casual Unrestricted) automatically. You can also apply for "M1" (Junior Member) at 30 Hours by applying for any division. The "GS" Rank is General Staff, "A" is Admin, "DV" is Developer, "DR" is Directorate. Once connected, a Welcome Page will show for 30-seconds to show you the basics, you can skip this by pressing any button, however, I do recommend reading it. To open up a text-based chat window, press "T" - this can allow you to run various commands which will be explained later. To chat with everyone on the server, (globally) - type /o <message> To communicate via voice, hold "N" on your keyboard to activate push-to-talk. If a notification does not appear that you are talking, check your Voice Settings in the pause menu. To go there, click "ESC" and navigate to "Settings" and then "Voice Options". Pro-tip: Ensure that "Push-To-Talk" is activated rather than "Voice Activation" The Basics Now that we are in the server, lets learn about some useful functions and commands. To view the current server information, type /sinfo. This provides information such as Roleplay Zone, which is usually "SANAN" (San Andreas) - Statewide (Entire Map) Some other information provided is "Peace Time" - this means that all roleplay must be non-violent. Pursuits are not allowed. To view your information, type /myinfo. This can show you your current rank, (As explained earlier) time spent online and warnings/infractions. Pro-tip: If you apply for a department, they will usally ask you for evidence to prove your hours in-game. Find it out here! A few bits of helpful information can be found at /help in-game. You can read the server-rules which can be found at /rules. You can report server-rule-breakers using /report <your report> Some more useful on-the-fly commands can be found at /cmds - run /vcmds to find out commands to operate your vehicle. (Turning off engine, opening windows etc) Running /addedv will list the custom-cars which have been added to the Server. You can also run /jobcmds - this can show you a list of commands related with jobs. This will change depending on what job you are on-duty as. To find the list of jobs, run /jobs. To go on-duty, e.g as Security, I would run /job security G6-<number>. (G6-<number> indicates that you work for Gruppe-Sechs and you number can be any 2-3 digit number.) Pro-tip: Emergency Services, Gruppe-Sechs & Public Works all have their own channels on our Teamspeak, you can connect to the High-Speed Gaming Teamspeak Server using the following IP-Address: ts3.highspeed-gaming.com You can change your character skin using the Lamda Menu: Click F1 to Open, Navigate to "Player" Then "Player Skin" Then "NPCs" Then scroll through the pages using the commands posted above. You can also spawn in vehicles uing the Lamda Menu: Click F1 to Open, Nagivate to "Vehicles" Then "Vehicle Spawner" Then scroll the the pages using the commands posted above. Pro-tip: Do not abuse features of the Lamda Menu - if you spot someone breaking the rules, report them to SMRE by typing /report <your report> Roleplaying Now it is time to Roleplay, you have your character set out, but it is important to understand that Roleplay is intended to be fun for everyone. Follow these simple guidelines to point you in the right direction: Don't be "in it to win it" - sometimes you have to admit defeat. (E.g not fighting back when put a gunpoint, but you should be scared anyways) Don't always give police scenarios - Civillians DO NOT live to give scenarios to cops, be an extrovert and say hi to other Civillians and make friends, or, be an introvert and cruise around the highway. Not everyone is a Criminal are they? Be fair - a skill of roleplay is to be a good sport in roleplay, so act your scenarios realistically and fairly, to make it fun and enjoyable for both parties involved. Now that we have got some guidelines out the way, lets look into how we can enhance our Roleplay. Commands such as /me and /do can enhance roleplay. E.g: /me gets Switchblade from Pocket (Do Roleplay getting out a weapon, this is good because this is apart of "Being Fair" and not Power-Gaming.) Commonly, people trying to get details from you use /do - for example, police trying to find out what you are carrying, (When they search you) or people trying to give you assistance, such as medics. Pro-tip: To run your "Me" and "Do" globally, just place "G" on the end. E.g: /meg or /dog. It is important not to "FailRP" - this means; Roleplaying injuries, (Not walking when fell off building, unable to drive car when crashed or other unrealistic behavours) It is also important not to "Metagame" or "Powergame" - Metagaming is using information that your character would not know, such as your friend in a Discord Call telling you where abouts a police officer or finding people on your map. Powergaming is where you do an action to give you the advantage, or power in a Roleplay. E.g: Finding a gun on the floor to shoot at police whilst running, or bashing your head through a police-car window and escaping. Community The sense of community is important to HighSpeed-Gaming, so I always recommend being kind and attempting to connect with your other community members. Be active on the forums too! We have a Teamspeak Server which can be connected at: ts3.highspeed-gaming.com How to connect to our Teamspeak Server: Once installed goto the top-right-hand-corner of your Window Click Connections In that new Window, click Connect Fill out the "Nickname" box - ensure to include your callsign if you are playing as Emergency Services, Gruppe-Sechs or Public Works. Type the formationed IP-Address into the IP-Address box. Leave the "Server Password" box empty. We also have a Discord Server which can be found using the invite code: GwWQmnn Finally, you can follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/HSGFiveM Installing Modifications This part of my guide is an extra due to demmand, here, I will be showcasing how to install mods. The three types of mods being showcased are: Minimap, Siren, and Graphics. I will not be focusing on a specific mod, but I will be using my personal favourites for this demostration. Most modifications will have the same files in that need to be edited/added. If you need some extra help trying to figure out where to put something exactly, (E.g it isn't included in my guide) - Please Google it, and if you find an answer, tell me so it can be incorporated in. Minimap For this Tutorial I will be focusing on how to install DieLikeKane's "Atlas" style minimap. To install a Minimap Mod, follow these instructions: Download your Minimap Mod (Here) Open up the downloaded file, (ZIP) and goto the Citizen/common/data/ui/ Folder inside of the downloaded file. (ZIP) Right-Click on "mapzoomdata.meta" and select copy. In your "FiveM Application Data" folder and navigate to Citizen/common/data/ui/ (If Folders do not exist, create them) Paste the "mapzoomdata.meta" file overwriting the existing file. Open up the downloaded file, (ZIP) and goto the Citizen/platform/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic/ Folder inside of the downloaded file. (ZIP) Select all the files, Right-Click and select copy. In your "FiveM Application Data" folder navigate to Citizen/platform/data/cdimages/scaleform_generic/ (If Folders do not exist, create them) Paste all of the files you copied earlier. Notice I am currently still researching the most effective way to install Sirens & Graphics - and what files that and involved. Please check back soon! Thank you all for reading this article! If you think I have missed anything or got some information incorrect, please point it out! -Austino
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