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      Join us on Discord!   12/22/2017

      Hi Everyone!   We have been embracing discord as our go to for quick news and announcements that effect the community as a whole, Please go ahead and join if you use discord, if you do not please consider it as it's a great piece of software!   JOIN THE HSG DISCORD CLICK ME!   Thanks! Prospect Senior Administrator | A2 
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      Gallery Online!   01/13/2018

      The gallery is now back online. Best of luck posting your screenshots!


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    SEAR Unit is open for applicants. Good luck to all that apply! http://highspeed-gaming.com/Forum/index.php?/topic/3887-sasp-sear-unit-application
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    Air-1 Airborne in Rockford Hills!
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    From the album Bxbugs's Images

    © HighSpeed-Gaming / HighSpeed-Designs

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    FFI > FFII Training January 6th at 12PM Central.
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    —————————————————— « • » —————————————————— SERVER MANAGEMENT & REGULATION ENFORCEMENT OFFICIAL ROSTER Chief of Development | CD BxBugs123 Lt.Caine Developers | DV Sithis Server Directors | DR R. Brooks Lead Admins | A3 PoliceWag Lt. J. Daniel M. Wolf (MAGWolf) Faith Yokas (Junkozane) Senior Admins | A2 L. Shepard (mikichii) A. Bloom (djshadowxm81) C. Relakai J. Hall (Fuso) A. Patel (Lazy Sloth) M. Anderson J.Shaw (Prospect) Raymond Reddington Admins | A1 L. Calaway (LWDCRAZYMAN) BOSCO B. Brown (iPayforyourEBT) Jason Ross John Granger Raj Patel B.Dent Netman General Staff | GS Blazie Lincoln Clay MAG
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    Everyone, As of now, we are no longer enforcing the "Firstname_Lastname" rule on players. We appreciate those who have realistic names and encourage you to keep them. However, it is no longer required by rules. Thank you!
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    Version 1.2