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    • Trooper: Master Trooper A.Ramey - P-2T Current Posting: Traffic New Posting: Detective division
    • Trooper: Senior Trooper Eddie Cane - P-36 Current Posting: Patrol New Posting: Detective division
    • Notice (October 17th, 2017):
      Applications for the San Andreas State Police Traffic Enforcement Division are now open and are to remain open until Sunday, October 22nd, 2017 @ 2359 PST. The application can be found here. Please ensure you meet the minimum requirements before applying. Best of luck to all applicants!
    • The following troopers are eligible for promotion and have been reranked as of the 15th of October, 2017:   T2 > MT W. Lumet   T1 > T2 J. Kelly G. Porta G. Chapman
    • Full name: Bob Vance Date of Birth: 27/03/1992 Place of Birth: Paleto Bay Current Address: 600 Procopio Drive, Paleto Bay, Blaine County Current Rank and Division: Trooper II, Patrol Division Do you own a commercial license with an instrument rating? : Yes How many flight hours do you have on record? : I have about 3000 hours recorded  Describe your past flight experience or previous exposure to aviation: For the past two years, I've been flying my mate around who is a professional photographer. Therefore I offer him my services whenever I'm off-duty to get him some pretty nice views around the country. Include any aviation accidents/incidents you've been involved with: I've had one incident where the engine malfunctioned, we had to do an emergency landing and everything went smoothly from there. Why should we let you into the unit? (100 words or more) : I've been a valuable member of the SASP and I believe I could bring my dedication, motivation and knowledge in flying to the Unit. I've been flying since the age of 17 and accumulated around 3000 hours of flying. I'm also cold-headed which is helpful in any emergency situation and I've been known to make quick yet well thought of decisions. I have dedicated much of my time as a Patrol officer and now I believe I could do a great job in the Aviation unit. Considering my knowledge and self-preservation skills I believe I would be a great addition.  What unique attributes can you bring to the aviation unit, that will be beneficial? (100 words or more): As I've stated, I believe that I have a much valuable knowledge with my 3000 hours of flight. Considering the fact that my engine once failed I believe that I could be beneficial in such a scenario. I've also trained in many simulators for vehicle malfunction and since then acquired a lot of knowledge to handle those situations without risking the lives of anyone. My father was a pilot and a member of the SASP and gave me his love and dedication for flying and for the law, thereby allowing me to fulfill my dreams. I've also got great communication, being once a theater student, therefore making my verbal skills fairly good in communicating with my coworkers If accepted by the San Andreas State Police Aviation unit, I will abide by the rules and regulations of the unit. (Yes/No) : Yes.
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