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  2. Crime Suppression Unit The Crime Suppression Unit [CSU] is lead by Sergeant PoliceWag, who is supervised by Lieutenant Colonel M.Rocknik. The C.S.U is comprised of peace officers from San Andreas State Troopers (SAST), Blaine County Sheriff Office (BCSO), Paleto Police Departement (PPD) . These officers generally drive marked and unmarked patrol cars and are deployed in areas where our crime analysis process has identified a crime trend. They investigate the problem, attempt to identify and arrest perpetrators, and prevent further criminal activity. In addition, they apprehend wanted individuals and provide other services directly related to the prevention of crime and the apprehension of violators. The Team works hand in hand with the Criminal Investigation Division and the Narcotics Division. Members of the Crime Suppression Team are hand-picked based on their experience, education, and training. Although it is considered a privilege to be assigned to the team, it is also very demanding and requires great devotion to duty. The C.S.U is tasked with addressing a multitude of issues and these officers utilize nontraditional patrol techniques in their attempt to deter criminal activity which results in an improved quality of life for citizens and visitors throughout the County. Whether it be targeted patrol details, by conducting covert surveillance related to criminal activity, completing field interview cards on suspicious persons, executing search warrants, serving high risk arrest warrants, or by seeking out and arresting individuals who violate state and local laws. When not being used on special intervention requests, these deputies are assigned to known high crime areas, with the primary focus of taking down street-level criminals. Repeat Offender: Tracking subjects who are on parole and probation, and conducting regular compliance checks and searches are accomplished to thwart these criminals attempts to engage in criminal activity. Vice Operations: Illicit massage establishments and street prostitution involve human trafficking and have detrimental impact on local businesses. Active enforcement efforts and working with the state Attorney on nuisance abatement proceedings are employed to address these crimes. Gang Crimes and Vandalism: CSU takes the lead role in monitoring and investigating gang and vandalism crimes. Bait Car Operation: After a bait car is stolen, the location, speed, and direction of travel of the vehicle is monitored by a member of the C.S.U through GPS tracking. Everything that takes place inside the bait car is caught on audio and video. This officer will coordinate a police response and once officers are in position behind the bait car, the engine will be disabled at the click of a mouse button which allows for the quick arrest of the car thieves. C.S.U ROSTER Sergeant PoliceWag - Crime Suppresion Unit Leader TEAM Agent C.S.U (Open spot) Agent C.S.U (Open spot) Agent ATTF (Open spot) Agent ATTF (Open spot) HOW TO APPLY Application will be open VERY soon! Do not apply on the forum wait till this topic is updated and open for reply. NOTE: N/A To learn more follow this topic ! Sincerely, PoliceWag Sergeant Crime Suppression Unit [C.S.U]
  3. Just met this fine chap. And I believe because he can't follow simple rules both in loading screen and gets an attitude about it when he is clearly the one at fault killing people in each spawn zone. Then he can earn himself a Perma ban. Disrespecting Admin Can't follow our Rules No Clipping Killing Players in a spawn zone
  4. Unban Appeal Name: Steam64 ID (Find here: http://steamid.io/): 76561198279213002 Permanent or Temp ban: Permanent Ban Reason: I was sniping people of a Roof Do you believe it was your fault: Yes Recollection of events: people was reporting me and i got basically banned. Proof or other comments: Sorry I was Angry on a guy, it was Miksu he was rdming me then i turned angry and started killing everyone. Sorry tho, im not going to do that again. i would appriciate a unban from you guys. sorry! :/
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  6. My name is Sneeze, been trying out some random RP servers, but got bored of all the RDMing.. Been looking around and found HSG. So thought I give it a try. Hope the RP will go well here and maybe make some content for you channel ( if thats allowed ofc.)
  7. Haha, Mike I was playing with you yesterday you said ¨can you help me with something?¨ Then you said can you help me get revenge on 2 people so, I asked you to pay me 20$ you said you were -4000 or something lolololol.
  8. Dimitris Falakros is the name! New to GTA V RP but I've got a little experience under my belt :) Looking forward to meeting all of you!
  9. stop jumping into so many random vehicles and your welfare check should pull you out of debt.
  10. oh man persistence after death would be sweet!
  11. Hi and welcome, hopefully you enjoy your time with this community :) The rules are pretty simple, most of them i would say are common as other servers, don't forget to read the FiveM server rules also.
  12. welcome to the community! conan rp is fun, been awhile seens doing that. A few of us have that same issue with FiveM keeping our steam names and not lettiing us change it, a true rp wont go by the name above your head so youll be fine :)
  13. I'm sorry to say this will not happen as this is part of the new system. We are not SOE and do not have the dealership implemented or other things yet. it is also part of our plate checking system.
  14. Simple as, remove the purpose to pay fee's for vehicles as I now have -$4000+ near 5k on debit for vehicles I find around and I get into them and instantly get me to pay fee's for the licence plate. I find this very unrealistic unless your buying the vehicle brand new from a dealership if it isn't registered but in this case its from someone who has already driven or paid for it but still I get debt for it. So if so kindly could remove this fee and set my money back to 0.
  15. Hi, im new to gaming communities. i joined because i saw you had a gta rp server. was coming to see rules and all that jazz. but hello everyone anyway :)
  16. Totally agree with having persistent inventory. I would also like to have player persistence after death, as in when you die you dont just respawn, you get stuck in place so that we could do more EMS interactions, though a manual respawn should be available. At the moment EMS only works if people dont get gunned/beaten to death (almost never happens, people keep hitting even when you fall down or give up)
  17. Welcome to HSG
  18. Hell no, The age restrictions are set and there are reasons why. Anyway I wouldn't join an server that has people under 13. Putts me off
  19. Hi I'm new to GTA V RP and High Speed gaming servers. I am not new to roleplaying but I am fairly new to voice roleplay, been voice rping on the Conan Exiled servers for the last couple of months. I found it's rather fun! Anyway, new to the commands and stuff so please have patience. I'll work it out, any help is appreciated. Thanks. Oh ...for some reason the game wants to keep my steam name, so I'll be around as Kordas.
  20. Is there a way to add Inventory that persists through restart or log out or crash out, either on vehicles or players or both? like is done with the money? sucks when you crash and spent your last 2k making up some weed to sell and then BAM you crash and loose it all before you can sell it
  21. They can be used. You have to ask a Admin to use them.
  22. Oh, I agree other players should be able to do it if Burke is allowed, but there would probably have to be some sort of vetting process or permissioning so only players who the admins trust can use it, plus it should only be available to someone with the news job. It's kinda like how only the admins and approved cops are allowed to drive cop cars, and they have to do certain things to earn that privilege, same sorta deal :)
  23. Its timing, I have the same issue but when I check again after a few min. your able to get in. when I check around 1930 (730 pm) cst bother servers had open spots, one only had 16 on at the time.
  24. From my understanding only admins are allowed to use them, I love burkes streams but I dont think it would be right to give him access and not the other streamers or players. they have a weasel news van though.
  25. They get their trolls from time to time, for the most part I find that around this time you get more RP then RDM
  26. Hello! I know you guys probably don't allow helicopters to be used normally, and ya'll have tons of things to do, but I was wondering if ya'll would add a Weazel News Chopper skin, at least for BurkeBlack, since I know he's been wanting one for a while and it would add to his reporter RP :) I found one here that looks pretty neat: http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/10782-weazel-news-chopper-skin/ I understand that helicopters are probably disabled because people would abuse them and use them as death machines, so it's ok if you guys don't do it. Maybe it would be possible to give certain users permission to use it? Just a thought though :) Thank you!
  27. Will do. Thanks. Just wasn't sure the state of the server.
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