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      Connecting to HSG Servers   03/04/2017

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      In the client hit the settings button at the top right, looks like two cogs hanging out together. Enter your Username, the in the Server IP Type one of the following then hit connect: Server 1 = gta.highspeed-gaming.com Have fun! (Expect an announcement soon regarding the removal from the masterlist)   Like this

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  2. Welcome to High Speed Gaming, hope to see you in game soon!
  3. Welcome to High Speed Gaming!
  4. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Unban Appeal Name: Daniel Silverklint Steam64 ID (Find here: http://steamid.io/): 76561197960287930 Permanent or Temp ban: Permented Ban Reason:Hm .. actually do not remember because they were 2/3 years ago, I think! Do you believe it was your fault: ye Recollection of events: Not funny Proof or other comments: i will be unbanned and play with my friend casper! ____________________________________________________________________________________
  5. When I am Pworks i sit in the Emergency Channel as they can then call me through that for a tow. When you are on as security we have a 3 channels already for them I believe they are labeled for Civilian.... also side note, for me personally anymore than 2 people being security is cancer and ruins the RP for me.
  6. How come you couldn't get in is that I locked the server due to certain people abusing their mod menu. Sometimes it will be left open if we get people that can RP correctly but most of the time we get the bad apples that will ruin it for others. To become CU you need 10 hours in-game but if you want to become a full-fledged member you need 30 hours In-game and have put in an application.
  7. There are some that have them and there are some that doesn't have the wig wags setup. It is the car model itself not the server. There are certain models that needs to be updated in Zmodeler for the wig-wags feature to be either removed or redone.
  8. welcome
  9. So I think it would be cool if we had a channel for security and a seperate channel for pworks! Does anyone else agree??
  10. Hey guys thank you for welcoming me into this amazing community! I look forward to meeting you guys in the server. To tell you a little about myself I am from buffalo NY, im 25 years old and im a father to an amazing little boy. I have been playing video games for about 20+ years and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I also just began streaming on twitch and ill be mostly streaming all sorts of content. If you guys arent playing I would love if you guys just stopped by and said hi! Twitch.tv/killachewie
  11. I just have one question, what is the name of the old cop car that has orange lights for pworks to spawn it in. I have asked this many times on the server but no responce thank you
  12. Hello Officer, Firefighters, and Paramedics this is a educational topic to inform you on the proper precautions that should ensue during railroad related calls, situations, and role plays. I hope you pay attention, this topic could be the difference between life and death. The most important thing to remember is always know you surroundings, such as were railroad crossings are located. Trains do not run on a fixed schedule, NEVER assume you know when the next train comes. To help you better understand proper railroad safety, I suggest this video (please note that this video is a bit outdated)
  13. Yesterday
  14. Server was whitelisted to members for the short time. It's now lifted. Server 1 is unwhitelisted and is available to everyone, sometimes the server does have to be whitelisted to prevent trolls from ruining people's experiences. Server 2 is for members only. In order to become whitelisted and become CU you need to apply here. You can apply to become Police, EMS/Fire and a civilian. Once you get accepted you'll become a Member or M1 and have access to both servers, even when the server is whitelisted. I hope this helps.
  15. Welcome back :)
  16. Sounds like a great idea.
  17. Today
  18. This is a suggestion to remove the flashing headlights from the server. The main reason for this is that when driving at night with the wig wags on, it is difficult to see where you are going. Also on the CVPI with the wig wags, the take down lights on the light bar will flash with the headlights as well.
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  20. Hello and welcome to HSG
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  22. When i try to join the server it says ''Autorization level CU or higher required'' please help.-
  23. Yesterday
  24. Haven't seen you in a while, look forward to seeing you in game soon. ;)
  25. Today
  26. Let me start off by saying im not technically new (registered Aug 23 2016) but only just got back into fivem after fixing it. But anyway, my name is SkillfulCorpse (scotty cam in game) and i've been lurking in the GTARP community since early 2012. I love that MP is now possible and highspeed does it so well. You'll definitely be seeing me in game, and I hope to have a lot of fun with everyone else as well :D
  27. Yesterday
  28. Weird title, I know. I don't know of a better spot to post this, so I decided here. The following is a paraphrasing of an RP scenario that ended at about 1:50 AM Eastern Standard Time on 3/22/2017. Involved: IGN - Handled (Myself) , IGN - Rossboss300, IGN - Thebomb491, and IGN - P 46 Ben. I was traveling eastbound on Algonquin and whilst passing the hospital, there was a Security vehicle parked on the side of the road. As I am passing, the vehicle pulls out a bit, stops, backs up a tad - I figure he doesn't know what he is doing, forcing me to pull into oncoming lanes and pass him. Suddenly, the security vehicle is on my ass blaring his horn over and over. ICly and OOCly, I figure this is road rage, so I stop to engage in RP. Well, for those of you who were on at this time, we had quite the thunderstorm, which I assume is the reason the security vehicle slammed into the back of me, as I stopped at the intersection of Algonquin and Marina. I exit my vehicle and approach, asking him what the big idea was. A security guard exits and begins to berate me with a major accusation. Something along the lines of, "You were trespassing on the motel property, when I tried to stop you, you assaulted my vehicle and myself, screaming 'F*ck security, you're not the real police'" Both, ICly and OOCly, I had no idea what he was speaking of. So, ICly, I attempted to diffuse the situation, stating that I did not know what he was speaking up. He must have the wrong guy. At this point, it was like an episode of cops. He didn't want to hear it, he told me he was dialing the police. I accepted that and we both awaited their arrival. Upon their arrival, he began to get his story out. Saying he had dash cam footage and everything. Started adding more bits to his story. At this point, I literally didn't know if he was being serious - in that he truly thought I was the one, or he was engaging in one helluva false accusation RP. Either way, I ask an officer to pull me to the side, allowing me to give up my side of the story. I disclose that I have a CCW and that I had my sidearm. As the situation unfolded, I consented to the officers to remove my sidearm for everyone's safety and peace of mind. At this point, it seemed like both officers didn't know quite what to make of the scene. However, they continued to handle themselves with the utmost professionalism. One of the officers said, due to the fact the it was a "He said, she said" deal, that no charges were going to be filed against me. The officers asked us if we wished to write a written statement of the accident to turn into the insurance company. Both parties agreed and thus ending the RP shortly thereafter. Case and point, firstly, this I believe is the type of RP that this server needs and should strive for. I could have easily said f*ck this guy and bang, bang, die, chase ensues, etc. No. Myself and the other party let it play out as it would most likely play out IRL. Which brings me to my second point: The officers on scene, more so Rossboss300 (As he seemed to be more of the primary Officer) was very pleasing to RP with. He went above and beyond to keep the RP realistic. He explained the insurance information, as I continued to ask about it, pretending not to know. Any question I asked ICly, he had an answer for. So, with that. I would love to give my +1 to both Officers on scene. I hope to work with you guys in the future. I still, to this point, can't tell if P 46 Ben was serious, but either way, I enjoyed myself to the fullest, which continues to bring me back to this server. I've applied, but haven't yet been pulled into the interview, but I will continue to wait, as it will be worth it. With that, I wish you all well. Just follow the rules and actually make something of this, and we'll all just have fucking fun. Night. <3 ~Handled
  29. So, it does save cars? My bad; I thought Jake meant the new trainer doesn't save cars at all.
  30. You can find server connection information in our teamspeak server under the farming simulator 2017 channel RULES #1. Put Everything back were you found it when your done. #2. Do not troll / grief the server you will be Permanently Banned #3. If you need a admins help for something in the server you can ask the following people KnWolf30, KrimzionWolf, Lwdcrazyman. Enjoy your gameplay on the server!
  31. You get a badge on your profile, M3 on TS & In-game, more stuff will be coming soon.
  32. Last week
  33. Lambda menu is the new Enhanced Reborn Trainer, just rebranded. All the same functions as before, but rebranded. It is also the final version, as the project has been discontinued by the developer. BEWARE: Upgrading to this new version will delete any saved peds or cars and they will have to be resaved.
  34. What benefits does this trainer have? I have many saved cars and peds and would not like to lose them all.
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