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  2. Name: Omead Poostforoush Permanent or Temp ban: Permanent Ban Reason: I just had got mod and was a bit excited so i made mistakes that i usually don't make. Do you believe it was your fault: yes i deserve it but wish i got a warning to wake my ass up from what i was doing ... Recollection of events: Proof or other comments: idk what proof to show
  3. Today
  4. Well but stil i have a M1 app, Civ app and a EMS app waiting... Btw i only found out that you have to sign up for M1,2,3 status :/
  5. Those applications are accepted by different people. The reply time depends on if the person accepting specific applications (e.g civilian applications) is online and available. Maybe you saw a person get reply before your application, because they were applying for different department (Fire, Police).
  6. Jesus Alright... I just see people who post there App before me and then in a couple of hours get A reply..Wtf but alright.... One Posted a Couple hours ago just got accept... mhmm ok yeah, sorry but.. lik... :/
  7. I just looked through the applications section and your civilian application was posted 22 hours ago and your EMS application 2 hours ago. Please be more patient, people accepting those applications can't be online whole day just to please impatient people.
  8. I understand if your busy looking though App But i posted my APP almost 2 days ago and people who are posting there before mine get accepted whats the DEAL !! I have a M1 A CIV and a EMS ONE Going like come on!!!! ??? someone explain
  9. Better late than never, I'm trying to build my way back up to A3.
  10. Will do, thanks. Also I am pretty sure I'm late but Congrats on A2. @Alex Cortez
  11. No.
  12. I was wondering how you guys were able to make it so people don't spawn in a sniper? Cause I'm trying to figure out how to do that but with Heavy Weapons in my own server. Mind helping me out with that?
  13. Yesterday
  14. I fail to understand why people don't actually set up role-play's. They just drive around baiting the cops and crash into stuff, then complain when they get warned, kicked, or even banned. Since you are a member, I'd recommend playing on server 1 as it is suppose to be CU most of the time. That way, you can avoid the scrubs driving around on ATV's just being idiots.
  15. So many sloths.
  16. Pew

    We have it setup the way we prefer it. If we were to announce when the server authorization level was CR, all of the trolls would flock to the servers.
  17. Pew

    I don't think that is possible. It's a lot easier to see slots, and online status. but restriction status? Not so much.
  18. Pew

    Server status page would be great place to see if servers are restriced imo. I have been already suggestion for this. Tbh I´m not sure is it even possible.
  19. Pew

    Server Auth is changed many times though the day. You'd have to have someone glued to the forum. One second it could be DR and up, next it could be M3, or A1, or GS, etc. There's no set time for server Auth. So posting on the forums would be redundant unless we asked one person to just stay on the forums 24/7 and say something. It's just not how it works. Everyone you see on here went though the same thing you went though. Just gotta be patient.
  20. Su

    Sup yall, My name is Vegard or known as Megafunny and I'm gonna tell u peeps a little bit about myself here. I'm what yall would call "in-between jobs" or unemployed. I'm currently very interested in coding so I've started to learn html & css and got future plans for javascript. I'm the European champion in powerlifting for my class and age. I found the server on top players and found myself quickly going to jail after I said I just escaped using a black convict skin which was pretty cool tbh. Never found out how to fix voice chat problem so I don't speak ingame normally.
  21. Today
  22. I think they should possibly restrict the 4 Wheeler/ATV I think its was too fast and way to agile, lately i have been seeing a lot of people abuse it. I think at one point they even had to put a server Notification to not abuse it. That's just my Opinion on it.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Pew

    I don't know how this is coded but I can't see how it would be impossible to have forum announcements about when everyone can play and when it's rank specific insted of checking in every 20min or so.
  25. Pew

    There is no way knowing when server is open to everyone, except for actually checking with joining the server. Forum announcements would be impossible as server authorization is changed many times throughout the day.
  26. Pew

    I read the thread once before I posted this. Is there any way to know when everyone are able to play on the server? Like is it possible for an annoucement on the forum?
  27. Pew

    You can not Apply untill you reach 30 hours In-game, To check how many hours you have use /myinfo, To play whenever You will need either CU or M1 rank. CU is gained by reaching 25 hours In-Game with clear player history, and after M1 is gained by submitting application on forums, However application has its own requirments, such as age, etc, whereas CU doesn't. If you read my thread more carefully, you would find all answers.
  28. Pew

    I advise you to click on the link that Raymond posted it will answer all your questions.
  29. Pew

    Not what I asked
  30. Pew

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