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  2. NEW PC | Need tag on TS3

    03/17/2018 Situation SOLVED - Please close the topic Thanks, regards Leonard Ivamoto
  3. NEW PC | Need tag on TS3

    Hey guys, In this week i bought a new computer, so i downloaded the teamspeak3 on my computer, but i dont have my tags. At this forum topic i would like to request my tags back. M2 TAG 6 months of Service Ems paramedic Pworks CV Dispatcher Thanks, i appreciate it and i hope a fast response.
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  6. New sig who dis o3o 


  7. Shots fired!

    Model by Bxbugs123
  8. EVL

    absolutely gorgeous! will this be released?
  9. "A fool flatters himself, a wise man flatters the fool."

    – Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 

  10. Paleto PD Running Radar

    Model by Bxbugs123
  11. Our land of confusion is ever growing. But hold tight. The weekend is on it's way. Here's some good music! My Homie Dopekiid Dude is literally my neighbor XD 



  12. No context needed :D 0_screenshots_20180313142909_1_by_gaming

  13. Few Changes

    As you may know few changes both in staff and with vehicle protocols have been taking place. As of this time public works will no longer be hiring until further notice. @K. Husky should keep you informed on any more changes within the Roster and Write ups. A new tutorial video will be in the making once I find time.
  14. This has already been answered here. This of which is at the top of this forum.
  15. This means you are only CR, you have to wait until it is unrestricted to CR.
  16. Why can i connect to server 1 its a public server yet i have to be CU OR Higher
  17. Running Radar

    It's cool Which graphic are you using ?
  18. 20180312011901_1.jpg

  19. 20180312012716_1.jpg

  20. 20180312012253_1.jpg

  21. 20180312013051_1.jpg

  22. 20180312012157_1.jpg

  23. 20180312013004_1.jpg

  24. Having trouble loading police skins

    This is a known issue. Use chargers or one of the other approved vehicles until this issue is fixed :)
  25. Running Radar

    CVPI w/ Freedom | Model - Bxbugs123
  26. Pursuit

    This actually wasn't a pursuit.#FakeNews. There was a call for an armed robbery, police showed up and detained 1 male on the scene, later after investigation released him, since the call was a hoax and there was no armed robbery. The male was just getting gas at the pumps when the police arrived.
  27. Command out tonight.

  28. Motor Vehicle Collision

    MVC/MVA occured in front of UTool off US-13. Walt Longmire the trooper attempted to make a u-turn in the median on US-13. The driver(s) were not injured and left with insurance exchanged.

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