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  2. Trooper: R. Reddington Current Posting: 02 Patrol, Troop Supervisor New Posting: Secondary Posting - 08 Tactical Response Unit, Tactical Response Officer
  3. Trooper: D. Murray Current Posting: 02 Patrol New Posting: Secondary Posting - 08 Tactical Response Unit Approved and Processed, 19OCT2017
  4. parkplatz

    Trooper: A. Wells Current Posting: K-9 New Posting: Secondary Posting - Tactical Response Unit @Parkplatz
  5. Trooper: T. Woods Current Posting: Patrol New Posting: Secondary Posting - Tactical Response Unit Approved and Processed 19OCT2017
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  7. +1 He is a good cop i like him ^^ plus he does good rp
  8. Those vetted members make it in, however I think that if we're dropping members for members it doesn't make sense especially when there is another server to play on? There is no proxy for going between servers unfortunately. Therefore sending a player to a different server isn't possible, at this time or in the near future yet.
  9. I agree that dropping non members during an rp is bad, but at the same time you have vetted members who are wanting to play. And I understand the SMRE dropping of members for the purpose of another member to join, maybe I that instance where the server recognized it's all members it drops the new player into the next server? I know nothing about how any of this works, just spitballing if you will
  10. I agree.
  11. Unfortunately Alex Cortez is no longer part of HSG. But from what I have seen from above @Eddie Caneis working on the cad system now
  12. Even with a queue system you don't get a direct update on your current queue position. There's a hidden feature of FiveM that allows this to be useful, of which is referred to as deferrals. However even having a queue system you still are required to fresh the server list anyhow in order to regain position in the queuing as there is a timeout because of how threading and active/dead connections work. This task itself is not difficult at all, I like the idea; however I wish the original slot queue system was reimplemented as it was effective in maintaining connection flow. I don't agree with automatically dropped players due to RP reasons. I don't want any of the system to impede on someones roleplay just because someone wants a slot on the server. I think that when we have enough servers online, there is no excuse for anyone to be dropped, unless the evidence is clear, of course that is if those player(s) are failing to roleplay or otherwise not contributing to on-going activities that are roleplay. I do agree that Members of the community should have priority over CR/CU, however there are times where we only have just a server full of players and it happens to be just members. In this same detail SMRE ends up dropping registered members just for another member. It's not justified when there is a second server available. It is the practice of this that doesn't contribute to a rectifying the problem, only generating problems there from that a member was dropped. In concluding words, this will be discussed further, in-depth, at the Community Meeting - Saturday October 28th @ 12:00 PST.
  13. +1
  14. Seems like a great idea, but might be a difficult task for the developers.
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  16. To all FD Personnel, the Fire Dept meeting will start in less than 1 hour.

    You can find the Meeting Channel on Team Speak under the "Department Supervisors" section, directly underneath my office.

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  18. When a player attempts to connect they are thrown into a queue if the server is full. Based on their current status (cu,cr,m1,ect.) The server automatically removes a person starting with cr's based on hours then to cu's again based on hours. If on players M1 or higher are in the server, they remain in the queue until a player disconnects. The queue could also move players in the queue around based on status to prioritize members over cu/cr's. Anyone that's A1+ would get a space automatically, regardless if a member is dropped to facilitate this.
  19. Yesterday
  20. The Discord link is on the Teamspeak.
  21. Some of the commands require you to be CU+ or even M1/M2/M3+ (moved this to the server support forum)
  22. How's the project going so far @Alex Cortez?
  23. More specific communication guidelines might be a useful addition, but at the same time it's a procedure manual and not a handbook. I suggest just specifying priority coms, who takes control of radio traffic (aviation / secondary) and other related topics.
  24. Hi -First i am sorry if i have posted this thread in the wrong forum. Ok i have a Steam copy of GTAV and i use a Xbox one controller on the server but i am unable to operate the Shortcut character cmds. Example - /hu /hd i get no response from the character. But when i cmd more General prompts like - /myinfo /players /admin I got a correct response. Typing in /cmds it do not show me many commands for character actions. A player did mention the numpad cmd's , i was told to use 1 on the numpad and this is the cmd for "Collapse" but i got no response, then he suggested typing in /ragdoll and it worked success. Could it be something to do with my PC keyboard or Xbox controller configurations may you think... hmmm Please let me know any suggestions. Thanks. River.
  25. Link to the HSG discord?
  26. Discord is used the way it will always be used. As a way for members of the community to chat and converse when they arent in game or possibly away from their computers. Teamspeak will always be our #1 way of voice communications.
  27. Cant we use our discord channel more then we do right now
  28. This is the final call for troop supervisor applications. Troop supervisors are appointed to the grade of sergeant and are responsible for the support, supervision, training and proficiency of up to thirty troopers. They form an integral part of the day to day operations of Patrol Division and handle significant amounts of background administration work. Applications will close in under twenty four hours (6am, 21st of October). A link to the application instructions may be found here:
  29. Foreword: This is a blend of roleplay and general information, I hope you appreciate the notion. All Hands, The San Andreas State Police has acquired additional funding from the State in order to acquire new vehicles for testing. As of this moment, approximately ten Cavalcades and ten Gresleys have been acquired for testing. In addition, eight additional Gresleys have been purchased for usage within the Tactical Response Unit. The intention of SASP command is to evaluate these vehicles as a supplement to and with the intention of replacing our aging fleet of 2009 Tahoes in the distance future as the number of operational Tahoes dwindles. As such, these vehicles have been fielded across all divisions and are available for usage as of now. Department manuals will be updated over the coming few days to reflect the operational status of these vehicles. Aftword: You can now use the sasp_gres and sasp_cav. They are cool vehicles. Take a look.
  30. Ensure that you inform all probates that they must report into the report in thread in this section, and that they must post in the public affairs thread for access to the SASP forums. Additionally, I need your feedback on any deficiencies in the training program, posted here as a response.
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