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  2. lol first video only shows Kuma attacking me over & over which is why I came back to attack him, then the rest of the video and the second video is me giving PD something to do since the server was caos at that time, I was in the channel with them the whole time. Also, never used speed modifiers, or god mode in ether video. the explosions from the gas station in both videos were desync, never hit them on my end. So in ending, never used god mode, never failure to RP since I was trying to RP the whole time, and use of explosives weapons was only against the kuma guy who was doing it to myself.
  3. Well I understand skepticism but let me know if I can assist any way.... I care about this community and want to help!
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  10. Fat vs an running man
  11. I appreciate your offer more than you know, but I really don't know you, so I can't give you a definitive answer.
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  13. Name: Jenkins Steam64 ID (Find here: 76561198302550775 Permanent or Temp ban: Permanent (TeamSpeak) Ban Reason: "♥" Do you believe it was your fault: Not sure, looking to talk to a director about this. Recollection of events: I was using the account "Killing Floor Lover", if that gives the directors any sense of what happened. Proof or other comments: Again, I wish to speak a director about my ban.
  14. I understand your above statement but could they use help....
  15. Lmao muh bad, I thought you meant the server.
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  17. Please refer to my above statement.
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    Welcome to HSG! Here are a couple of things to get you started: Rules: Server Levels: Frequently Asked Questions: Police Application (Before Applying you will need 30 hours of play time): Civillian Application (Before Applying you will need 30 hours of play time): Fire Application (Before Applying you will need 30 hours of play time): EMS Application (Before Applying you will need 30 hours of play time): Also, Don't forget to check out the Community Guidelines:
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    Hey Jacob & Welcome to HSG!
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    Welcome to Highspeed-Gaming! If you have any questions, you can private message me. Good luck and enjoy!
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    Welcome To HSG ,!! at this time are servers are down for maintenance!
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    Hello everyone, I am new here and excited to start playing. I would love to start doing some law enforcement role play, can someone help me get started with it or lead me in the right direction?
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  29. okay thanks
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