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  2. Calm before the Storm

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  4. Vyrillis Man is very good Vyrillis Man!

  5. Mirror Park Is A Thing Again?

    With any luck it's more peaceful than last time :)
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  7. HighSpeed-Gaming A-Z Tutorial

    Hi all! I quick update here from me, I have updated the Lambda Menu listed in this article. I must note that this is a third-party Lambda Menu which has been added, not maintained by CitizenFX. (FiveM) If you choose to download the origonal, you can here. If you would like the new one, download it here.
  8. Aretha Franklin

    March 25th, 1942 - August 16th, 2018

    1. AustinoInc


      God bless, amazing artist.

      Something about soul music is just amazing and she dominated it.

  9. Follow the trend, or make the trend.

  10. It's A Legitimate Practice...

    Yikes! Seems Zamir got it worse off than me. Counting my prayers now...
  11. Cannot load texture from cache

    Here is my issues: https://imgur.com/a/DW79z0w its the last message when attempting to load "ap_sheriff_blc" through /spawn or Lambda menu which results in my Menu crashing until restart:
  12. Infinit loading screen

    Hello. My when I try to load into the server it will start loading and playing the server music and about half way through the loading will freeze but the music will continue and never load me into the game. I have completely reinstalled FiveM and the problem is still occurring. I am able to join other servers it seems to only occur on High Speed Gaming. If you know of any solution please tell me the steps I have to do to fix it. The problem started after the latest update for FiveM on the date of 8/12/2018.
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  14. There are 2 links. First is the original mod Second is the mod from the website DieLikeKane. I actually invite you to get this one, as it should be actually better than the first one and in better quality.
  15. Uhhh, if needs be just look at my A to Z Guide - it's listed and installation process on there.
  16. Glad to see that the forum is back up and functioning!

  17. Is there a new download for this? I cannot access the download and need this asap for my server. Thank you. XCaptain
  18. Forum duping posts should be fixed.

  19. Calm down, im fixing it.

  20. good to see im not alone here, fellow brony

  21. Shots fired

  22. hey man can you help me 


  23. You've gotta keep your head high, and don't be let down in the moment.

    Stay positive.

  24. New car

  25. Waiting For State

  26. Up close n' Personal

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