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  2. Reminder, Fire Training for FireFighter I members for FireFighter II promotions coming Friday December 15th at 2AM Central Time. UTC-6.

  3. Yesterday
  4. Modded Sandy

    It will be taken out soon, Please stop making anymore threads regarding this, there is already one made in suggestions section.
  5. Modded Sandy

    I currently saw sandy shores has been modified and i have heard it is giving people lag and glitchy screens. Please Revert back to normal sandy. I also noticed the main issue of the Lag/Glitchyness are the lights and light poles, thank you.
  6. Attention all Fire Fighters, Training coming Friday morning has been moved to 2AM Central, -5 UTC. 1 Hour later.

  7. Last week
  8. Fire Training for FireFighter I members for FireFighter II promotions coming Friday December 15th at 1AM Central Time. UTC-6.

  9. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    This is because of your visualsettings.dat that is in your 'citizen\common\data' folder.
  10. HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE Roster | 2017

    Updated. 12-11-2017 + Junkozane (F. Yokas) to Lead Admin | A3 - Dr. J. Davidson (Jaysassin) from Admin | A1 - MAG from Admin | A1 to General Staff | GS
  11. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    No problem, glad you got it to work.
  12. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    Yep! thanks guys it worked i appreciate it!
  13. You're Awesome ^.^ :P

  14. @Bxbugs123

    Any Idea why this happens ingame, I've checked my Carcols and nothing looks out of place :/ Any advise would be much appreciated ^.^

    How it is
    How it should be

  15. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    +1 on what Rivers said. Generally, if you visit other servers - or have done in the past - it is bound to cause some sort of conflict in the model configurations. Happens to all of us. Clear your 5M Application Data (or just the cache and citizen) and run the 5M executable again, that will start you with a fresh install of 5M.
  16. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    I see, I would suggest just saving your plugins folder and reinstalling FiveM. It looks at be something messed up with your citizen folder.
  17. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    sorry, here are viewable links: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16nyZKODXnTgEKHwDnWb420YgZkG4rVihcdog2d6K6LA/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/19_HTqQcuX-S_EYH3E-9-68B1uHaOsnPPIbnBnPV6mKc/edit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LG7N272-zp9GBIeVY-u1q_5T_nLoNv-pamEWpEUPlis/edit?usp=sharing
  18. Cop lights bugged (floating mid-air)

    Just so you're aware, the link requires permission to view.
  19. I have had this trouble since the start of my HSG career and some police lights on vehicles such as the tahoe, or LSPD roof bar with amber lights are bugged and appear mid-air and im not sure how to fix it, i have just recently installed Radiance V and Visual V and still has not fixed the problem, please send advice my way, thanks! pics: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19_HTqQcuX-S_EYH3E-9-68B1uHaOsnPPIbnBnPV6mKc/edit https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LG7N272-zp9GBIeVY-u1q_5T_nLoNv-pamEWpEUPlis/edit
  20. Geting Hours Back & Rank back on the Roster

    I don’t know the website real well, and this is where a A3 admin told me to post
  21. Geting Hours Back & Rank back on the Roster

    So why not post on your original Forum account then? None of that has been lost.
  22. Fire Training for Fire Fighter I Members that training starts in less than an hour.

  23. I am hoping to get my hours back and my rank back on the roster. First off with the roster, I was in the middle of getting Trooper 2 but then the whole server and stuff went down and you guys had to back it up the lastest and try to restore everything, but I was put back to Trooper 1 until someone told me, "Weren't you getting Trooper 2?" and I thought he was playing with me until I actually noticed it myself recently, I was getting promoted by K. Wolf. But then you made the post back in May that anyone who doesn't respond will be removed from the roster and stuff. That was apart of the couple months that my grandmother died and I was away from my computer for quite awhile. Then recently, the Commander of Aviation, told me I wasn't anymore and I explained everything to him, I was asking him for some Aviation training. But then I didn't know this until yesterday, when the FiveM servers went down as well, that I was 325 Hours in-game. Then someone asked me yesterday how many hours do I have? I looked and after the database recovery, you guys must of started me back at zero because I only have 127 hours. I just would love have the two hours added together because I devoted a lot, a lot of hours personally to it. On Family Vacations. I took my big desktop gaming computer with me and to play and to devote my "life" to most of it and to start over, it crushes my heart. But, please contact me. Thank you so much! Link to Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/trucker181 Best way to PM me Sincerely, C. Roberts
  24. Reminder to all FFI Firefighters. If you wish to have a chance to progress to FFII, there is a training class today at 1PM Central. That is 4 hours and 22 minutes away from this posting.

  25. All FF, there will be training for FFII happening Saturday at 1PM CST.

    Check the Fire Dept Forums, post has been there a few days.

  26. @ElCanu First link might not work for you, take the second mod.
  27. Restore Request

    Edit: Make sure you're signed into the right steam smh I cri problem fixed
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