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  2. So glad i took this screen shot a few days before the database change over
  3. This phe doesnt open for a reason
  5. What is the temp server
  6. It's a temp server for members.
  7. First of all, we have a member only server for a reason. Second as prospect said, age doesn't mean you're mature. Having a CR CU system allows staff to know what an applicant is like before they join our server as a member, and are distinguished from SASP by their uniform, vehicle, and tags. What is the point of raising the age limit one year? Why would members who have worked hard to get the rank of SASP get that rank removed for no reason other than their age? You also need to understand that just because you have gone through the training doesn't mean you deserve respect, you need to earn that through your ability to handle situations including out of RP situations. If you want to enhance the roleplay its up to us to be an example, actively teach these new members the do's and don'ts of roleplay.
  8. Yeah but when I go to server status it says that one server is open
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  11. Hello, so I am new and I was wondering if someone can give the ip adress of server number 1 on five m. I would appreciate it.
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  13. ignore
  14. Which one would you be satisfied with?
  15. Please change it to Mike Weston or M. Weston
  16. This, Just because you are 18 and can act right for a few hours doesn't mean you aren't a jackass who has the maturity level of a child.
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  18. 45!
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  20. I honestly see no benefit in the Nora system... If you want to see how the SASP works then get a ride along. Other than that you will experience them here and there as a civ if you choose to do so. Everyone knows the basic job of LEO at least id hope so. There are tons of lower quality servers that allow anyone and everyone to be a cop... Lets be honest... Those servers don't survive or become a shit show. Personally you should not be handed a job with no training i mean how does that make sense? And now if you think that training should be an addition to becoming a Nora then whats the point in of the SASP?
  21. I honestly think the CR and CU system is a perfect system to have. No CU shall role SASP UNLESS they have a Trooper or doing CSO. I've also been told that CU or Nora's have more freedom than Troopers, which is a little true and I will add this again....that the vehicle and uniform guidelines will rearrange that. Me and a couple other department supervisors are working hard to make sure everyone in Law Enforcement have the correct qualifications. And all Nora's aren't stupid and having them is basically step one for law enforcement and that will give the Sergeants and above to look at them as Nora's to see how they patrol and handle different situations. Highspeed-Gaming is probably one of the only servers that I know of, that allow members become officers without placing an application in, so please keep that in mind. Addition to that, some Nora's are better than some Troopers these days.....
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  23. Instead of removing it alltogether, perhaps we should assign NORA units to less positions that have all freedom, and essentially the same powers as an SASP Trooper, just not supervisory or statewide patrol. Perhaps assign them to be CSO units, go on ridealongs and get a feel for what it's like to be a State Trooper. Then; shall they wish it, they may apply for the SASP it-self when ready. When not being supervised by a ridealong, assign them to community duties. i.e; Desk jobs, CSO patrolling - community servicing for civilians. Just restricting them to basic powers, until they're ready for the actual job of a police role not removing the system alltogether. This is just my view on it, and how it might change a few things. (Just to correct something above to space out confusion - I had meant NORA units essentially have the same powers as state police LEO wise, and that should change.)
  24. While I do agree with a lot of what was said here I don't agree with completely removing the Nora system, it does function as a good way for potential applicants to gage their interest and ability prior to joining SASP, however players who clearly do not pass the age restriction should not be allowed to go on as cop especially due to the large amount of issues that arise, there should be some checks in being a Nora just obviously not even nearly as in depth as joining SASP but atleast a reform to allow people who are here for real role play and not only pursuits and murder to thrive in the community.
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  26. Grammar Nazis/Punctuation Nazis... Be warned i am Polish and still learning to write proper English... Don't judge me. Ill be down right honest here i can almost guarantee that if we were to remove the Nora system altogether and raise the SASP application age to 18+ this server would receive more quality role-players and become a better place to have some good fun. This is not intended to be offensive to children what so ever only to state obvious facts that we can almost all agree on. No one wants to be pulled over by a 12 year old child who clearly has no idea what is going on around him or what he is doing but only cares to shoot and chase which is the standard thinking system of a young child. If a child wants to play a cop and do those things they can go to some other low quality role-play server that allows it. A child does not have the experience of the mental capacity to understand role-play if in fact they have hardly started living their real life already and are still going through grade school to learn on how to live in this massive world. If i were to have it my way it would be to make this server 18+ to ensure perfect and quality role-play to the finest extent. What i recommend is that we remove the children from the power they hold in LEO. Not only does it make the SASP look bad it makes the server look like we are bunch of dummy's letting children run it which leads to great role-players choosing not to stay any longer. In what universe is a 12 year old going to tell a 40 year old man that he just broke a traffic violation? Multiple great role-players have left because of this FACT. As for the Nora system, What is the point to have a faction for trained officers when you can just have untrained officers? What are the trained officers for? Whats the point of earning the tittle if some kid can be an officer with 25 hours of potentially being afk with horrible role-play that was not caught. Us trained SASP officer deserve the respect and right of being trained it makes the LEOs look way more professional as it is suppose to be. We need change... Its about damn time.
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  28. I love the Add...:)
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  31. Who needs gta.


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    2. Jay Walker

      Jay Walker

      I would like to point out that one of those Engines parked too close to the hot zone of that brush fire. Other than that, I LOVE this video LOL.

    3. Wolf Senpai

      Wolf Senpai

      A brush truck would be a cool addon to the server tbh, i have a ELS dodge Ram that im going to change to the native lighting system, would bugs be interested :p

    4. Pole_Ice


      Holy crap overkill!!! We can handle that kind of fire with two brush trucks.... I was laughing out loud when I seen the up on the response.


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