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  2. Closed Due To Flood

    It's "equipment" by the way. Saw the struggle lol. @Street
  3. Pimpin The News

  4. Hobo Village Incident

  5. Yesterday
  6. Raging House Fire on Paleto Blvd

  7. She bit my finger

    I don't even recall that happening
  8. HighSpeed-Gaming SMRE Roster | 2018

    Updated. 2-22-2018 Format changed.
  9. Sometimes...

    You just gotta make sure things wont come undone. We got to do some prop rigging and movie shoots at Sandy Shores Air Field thanks to coverage from SASP, and Blaine Co SO. Photo Courtesy of Lee Hoffman - "The Hoff " Cooper - Myself. ((The "Director of this S%@T")) "Just because we're dumb asses, doesn't mean you can be too, dont try any of this at home."
  10. Code 5 Stop

  11. Last week
  12. Broken Jail Times

    Recently I have timed the jail times and have found that for every two minutes I am jailed I end up sitting in jail for five minutes. I do have a video to back this up but it is also possible it only affects me or only affects M3s. Not sure what the root cause is but it seems really broken that if I end up jailed for 30 minutes I will sit in there for an hour and 15 minutes.
  13. She bit my finger

    It hurts Ashley.
  14. 2

  15. 1

  16. I'm on Fire.

  17. I'm on Fire.

    Awesome GIFs you've been posting recently man
  18. Armed Robbery at 24/7 in Harmony

    This was definitely one of the more interesting scenes.
  19. I'm on Fire.

    I'm on Fire.
  20. Hey, how do I get that fivem member rank? I have a fivem account, https://forum.fivem.net/u/jm2340/

    1. K. Husky

      K. Husky

      "FiveM Member" rank on our forum equates to somebody being a member on our community but maybe not part a department, for example, somebody who is accepted as a Civilian would receive the "FiveM Member" tag.

    2. lilmanwithaplan97


      oh okay, I for some reason thought it was of the actual fivem website. Thanks tho


  21. "Why do ducks quack but cows moo, like why don't cats bark" - Me at 1:44am

  22. Hours removed?

    Approx. 3 days ago. I had to leave my house on a rather short notice and had forgotten to turn off my FiveM and I also had not left the HSG server. Once I got back to my computer the next day, I noticed I had been kicked (Obviously) but as I joined back, I noticed that I was down to only 10 hours. I'm guessing maybe an admin thought I was trying to AFK some hours just to get the numbers up. I had approximately 30 hours before, this might seem like an insignificant amount to some but I don't find the opportunity to hop on the server as often as I would like so anything counts for me. Just wondering if maybe those 20 hours could be added back to my account as I don't really understand why they would be removed.
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