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  4. Mya Headshot April 2018.png

  5. Foggy.png

    @John ONeill
  6. Bridge Arch.png

    @Papa @Ghark @John ONeill
  7. I sold my last gta 5 steam account and ive been playing on this server sence 2016 and was wondering if u guys could possibility change me To (CU) on this account please <3 Name on steam "Conner Hayes"
  8. I cant join on server

    What about restrictions, past 2 weeks all servers have been on CU and above. How am I supposed to get to CU when I cant join any server?
  9. I cant join on server

    Take a picture of the console after being in the loading screen after being there for 5 or more minutes (you can open the console when pressing F8 when in the game)
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  11. Adventures with Friends.png

    @John ONeill @Sneve @[email protected] @Slinky
  12. When your having to much fun.

  13. I cant join on server

    If you've been in the loading screen longer than 5-10 minutes. Close FiveM and try again. If you're still having issues then try the support section of the discord.
  14. I cant join on server

    still loading screen song are playing but the line dont want to load
  15. I cant join on server

    Are you getting any message in specific when you try to join? Such as something along the lines of it being locked to CU, M1, etc? Or is it loading as normal and then you get a black screen with some writing at the bottom? If the last one is the case, it means you and someone else tried to join and they got in first. If it's locked to a member rank it means you won't be able to join until it's CR, unless of course, you have the rank it is locked to. If none of these help you send us a screen shot of what's happening.
  16. I cant join on server

    It dont want to load the server can someone help ? ?
  17. Ruminate

  18. Parking Meter.png

    Pay those meters y'all! @Ghark
  19. Paint

  20. Car Sales.png

    @Romaine Brooks @MasterMan9720 (Apologies, I don't remember the name of the other player.)
  21. Top of Ferris Wheel.png

    @John ONeill
  22. Ace Lounging.png

  23. Evening Picnic.png

    Backyard grilling with @Adebisi, @John ONeill, @Ghark and @Papa. Good food, good friends, good times.
  24. Nice sunrise in Paleto

    It's mix of some self-made settings and different mods. I experimented a lot with it a while back trying for it to look good. I think the major contributor is NVR.
  25. Nice sunrise in Paleto

    Which graphics are you using ?
  26. Sunset.png

    @John ONeill
  27. Tequilala Basement.png

    @Sneve @Ghark @Papa @John ONeill Luna
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